Xpress Passes Are Moving to Breeze

Breeze is coming! Providing Xpress commuter coach passengers with a more convenient and secure way to pay fares is the goal of the State Road and Tollway Authority as it eliminates Xpress magnetic tickets from the system and makes  Breeze and cash the accepted forms of fare payment.

Xpress magnetic tickets will no longer be sold after Aug. 31, 2018, and no Xpress magnetic tickets will be accepted on coaches after Dec. 31, 2018. Fares will NOT increase under the transition.

“General” customers can continue buying the same passes (31-day, 10 ride and roundtrip discounts) on Breeze. Employer program customers – including SECAP, TMAs and companies/organizations that buy passes in bulk – will have their passes automatically downloaded to their Breeze Cards each month.

Currently, Xpress riders can use cash, Breeze Cards and magnetic tickets for fare payment. Under the new system, riders can use cash or Breeze Cards. Using Breeze will improve the passenger experience by making the onboarding process faster and by providing quicker, more secure payments for passengers.

Breeze Cards have advantages over the magnetic cards in that the balance is protected if a card is lost, faster transactions on the coaches and convenience of purchasing Xpress products that can be automatically uploaded to Breeze. Breeze Card also allows Xpress and MARTA riders to transfer between systems for free (up to four transfers in three hours).

For complete details, click here. If you have any further questions about the transition, please contact Xpress at 844-XPRSSGA (977-7742) or via our online form.