Georgia Transportation Infrastructure Bank

The Georgia Transportation Infrastructure Bank (GTIB) is a grant and low-interest loan program administered by the State Road and Tollway Authority (SRTA). Since inception, GTIB has provided over $182 million in grants and loans to highly competitive transportation projects that have enhanced mobility and driven economic development in local communities throughout Georgia.

SRTA is pleased to announce that funding will be available for award in 2023!  Grant and loan applications were accepted from October 24, 2022 through January 20, 2023.  Awards are expected to be announced in May or June of 2023. 

  • Loans will receive priority for funding as will projects for which both a loan and grant are requested.
  • When applying for both a loan and grant the loan should be larger than the grant and the applicant should be prepared to draw loan funds prior to grant funds.
  • Preference for grants will be given to projects providing economic development benefits and a high degree of matching funds.
  • Additional details on evaluation criteria have been provided in the FAQ section, see “How Will Applications Be Evaluated This Round?”


Up to $14.5 million will be awarded in 2023.

Applications will be evaluated based on Transportation Merit, Project Specifics and Economic Merit.     Details on each category are below:

  • Transportation Merit: Projects performing best within this category include those that advance a clear transportation need, produce a strong public benefit, and improve mobility, congestion, connectivity, system efficiency and/or safety.  Projects that are accelerated as a result of GTIB funds and that include innovative solutions locally, statewide or industry-wide will also perform better.
  • Project Specifics: Projects performing best within this category are those providing a higher degree of non-state matching funds and projects that are close to and/or at the construction phase of the project.  In addition, projects with financing already secured that either have or show a strong likelihood to obtain necessary permits will perform better.  Regarding match, greater consideration is given to cash on hand than a soft match (e.g., donated ROW, in-house labor).
  • Economic Merit: Projects performing best within this category will provide direct economic benefits to the local community, region and/or state and may include a reduction in unemployment, attraction of new business to the state, growth in private-sector employment, and/or improved access to jobs.  Economic benefits may also include improved efficiencies for freight, cargo, and/or goods movement.

In addition to applying the categories above to each project, SRTA will make every effort to balance awards throughout the State.  SRTA will also give preference to loans, which includes projects combining a loan and a grant.  When combining loans and grants applicants should request a larger loan than grant.

Still have questions?  Not sure if your project is eligible?  Not sure if your project will be competitive?  We’re here to help!  Please reach out to David Cassell at [email protected] to learn more.

  • GTIB staff may reach out to applicants between the application submission and the expected award date.
  • GTIB expects to notify applicants of awards in May or June of 2023. All applicants will be contacted regardless of award status.
  • Grant contracts will be sent out for signature along with associated closing documents within approximately 4 weeks of announcing awards. Awardees typically take 2-3 months to return all documents.  If this timeframe is met, grants can be set up for reimbursement within 4-5 months from announcement.  Loan processing time is contingent upon awardee’s schedule to begin drawing down funds. If a loan awardee desires to draw down funds immediately, loan contracts will be prioritized above grants and sent to awardees as quickly as possible. 
  • GTIB averages 14 days to process valid reimbursement requests.
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